330 Buck Pond Road Westfield, MA 01085

JB Home Inspections, comprised of John and Nick Borges, have over 25 combined years of home inspecting experience in the Pioneer Valley. We work 7 days a week to deliver a high quality and personal inspection process.



 Like all Massachusetts home inspectors, we conform to Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulations 266. We take these requirements and compose an extremely thorough report which  outlines items in need of immediate repair, suggestions for improvement, and maintenance tips for the future. Our reports are delivered to our client the same day as the inspection, via PDF, and also mailed the next day in a book format for future reference. We include color pictures and diagrams in our reports, which average about 50 pages per house, depending on size and condition. We are very proud of the reports we are able to produce, and feel it is what sets us apart from other inspection services.


The technology we invest in helps us to push the limits of what can be achieved during a visual home inspection.


  • Multiple thermal imaging cameras help us spot leakage and missing insulation in covered spaces, like behind walls and vaulted ceilings.


  • Digital cameras with extreme zoom capabilities. (1440mm full frame equivalent!)


  • Handheld, pinless moisture meters to determine if a water stain is a past problem, or currently holding moisture.


  • Inspection software accessible from our smartphones and tablets, which is uploaded to our office.

Major leak found with Thermal Imaging
Bad flashing spotted from 50 'away
Moisture meter testing plywood stain


We encourage every client to attend the inspection so we can show you our concerns first hand. We work for you and will not shoo you away during an inspection; we like to talk! Our goal is never to influence your decision to purchase, only to fully inform you on the condition of the house. We are always available to our clients for consultation, and we keep electronic copies of our reports, and every picture we take, for years in the future.